Sunday, January 29, 2006

BEst of Detroit part 4

If you like going to plays one of my favorite places to see a play is at Wayne states own historic Bonstell Theater located on Woodward just north of the fox. It was built in the 1859 and is one the oldest theaters in Detroit. The crew that works there puts on some fabulous shows and are never disappointing and I always make it one of my top things to do is go to the opening of every show. It was in its time bigger then any Broadway play houses that hosted many big names. Many say that the theater is haunted which ads to the drama in front of you, you never know what might happen. A good reminder of what Detroit once was.


The Best place for desert in Detroit/ metro is in Greek town and it is called Astora's pastries and their Conollies as well as my two favorites are rumballs I don't know if is all the rum or just the mixture of chocolate soaked in rum with sprinkles but one is all you will need because they are so rich that it is intoxicating. The silk chocolate mousse is great and. It is a great complement to a great dinner in Greek town and they are open late so if you get the craving a late night you can go and enjoy in there large selection of goodies and should nots. It is a must try.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Best of Detroit 2

One of the best places I have found to eat a cheap lunch is the Avalon bakery located off of cass Ave heading down town. It is the maker off all kinds of breads and pastry and is made from fair trade goods. Workers in chili get that same pay as we do in the United states. They also have a coffee/espresso bar and are good drinks. I would recommend the momma mia Foccaosh

Best of Detroit part 1

The best place of pizza in Detroit is found in greektown the palace is called papa pazellis and it is some of the best Chicago style pizza around.
the wait is long but if you are with a beautiful girl it will feel like no time at all. The wait is drawn by the brick of pizza, that's right I said a brick that is because the pizza is so thick that it feels like it weights like 10lbs. and has some of the most flaky buttery crust that I have ever seen. So yah give the place a try and let me know what you think

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ads hay that's false advertising

The message that is being expressed in my ad is that there product is tuff.
There method is by relating their products to that of wild animals from the jungles and other power houses of the wild life kingdom.
The medium in which it is delivered is because they wanted to show how there product is related to the characteristic of each animal that they portrayed it next to, these are the first things that pop in to ours heads when we see that animal.

Friday, January 13, 2006

This is for girls

Looks its my first posting. Most girls hate these things to be read and keep them under there beds for there own personal enjoyment. But thanks to technology these promote bad talking and hate as well as good thoughts for most to see. Things are definitely moving in a direction who know if it is good or bad I'll give my thoughts later on this subject.