Sunday, April 16, 2006

Best in Detroit

Tiger the tigers are the best thing to go see right now because its impossible to go see the red wings and the tigers have tickets from as low as 7 dollars all the way up to 60 so it could be a really cheap date of a very nice expensive date. I think I might just take one myself on one of the night games. GO TIGERS

Best of Detroit

Best place to eat well not best but an addition to the other good ones is twingos on cass it has great burgers and wait staff is not bad either. Its a nice little place and on for surly going to go back.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Best of Detroit

One of the new buildings down town that has a lot going on is the compuware building in downtown it is home to the hardrock cafe as well as a ben and jerrys, and I do believe there is also a borders in their. That right there is a good trip if you go to dinner first and have a few drinks then you can do some drunken book shopping ( always a blast) Then you can go to the coffee shop and the icecream shop and call it a night and all done in one building now that is a concept that you can live your whole life in one self supporting community. But check out he building it has recently won and architecture award as well as a few other design awards and really reflects a positive image of Detroit.

Best of Detroit

Well this is not the best but the worst its in general lectures and is a huge pain in the ass general chemistry. I do not recommend taking more then 12 credits with this class other wise you will fail like the rest of us.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hate Radio

Question 3 In hate Radio. This is protected by the first amendment of the united states and for some reason the united states loves heated debates right or wrong. With what you hear and see you have a chose if you don't like watching the death reports from the war you can simply turn the TV off there is no need to drive to furndale and post it on a billboard to disgust other drivers as they make there way home from work. As far as radio stations the are set up in themes with talk radio and the listeners generally know what to expect. The head line criticized but there favorite shock mouth over dramatic over paid DJ ( rush) So if you want to hear what's going on in the government listen to him. If you want to hear about sex, fake breast and who is "sleeping" with who and how big or small (stern) is the man for you. Chose is the biggest word and action here if you don't like it turn it off and act like it don't effect you or another thing you can do is Get all pissy just like the Talk show people and protest like a bunch of hippies try to legalize drugs so they will stop going to jail. So you can damn the damners. Or you can find a radio station that has the same views and opinions as your self that can boost your ego and feel like you are right because some one else said it on the radio or TV.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Best of Detroit

Greek Town nikkis is a great place to eat and a good place for conversation take a good looking girl the conversation will flow. The grape leafs are great with the lemon sauce. A walk around Greek town is nice way to end the evening.

Best of Detroit

For a great burger that is a little off campus just a walk down cass is the cass cafe and it is a good little place to eat to get away from the toco bell and the McDonald and the other "fast food" and it is well priced. If you can drink I recommend a kils Irish red and any burger but not a pint because chem is only a few minutes away. 11:00 is to early for beer!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Best of Detroit

This is something that if you are brave that you can do for some fun it is what most people do that are not from Detroit do it is drive a round and just look at detroits finger prints that things that make Detroit what it is find what it has to offer and respect it and all its many landmarks but don't trespass and keep it with in the law for every one to enjoy.

Best of Detroit

For a good late afternoon with nothing to much to do one of the best things that you can do is grab some money and a friend and go to watch the tigers they need all the support we can give them but there is nothing better then sitting in the sun and getting a lemonade and a soggy hotdogs and watching one of Americas signatures being played out.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Best of Detroit

One of the best views of the downtown area is in the Science and Engineering library the higher the story the better the view. From there you can see all the way to Canada and the bridge and my favorite the Train station. You can see old tiger stadium. What you cant see is down Woodward but that's all new things. The view is all of old downtown and all the old housing. From a birds eye view it looks like a good place to be.

Best of Detroit

One of the best places to see a Professional play is the fisher it has the beauty of the grand 1920 playhouses and is just a breath taking place to visit. I seen La Mis there and I would highly recommend going there at lest once in your life if not a few dozen times. The marble and granite is amazing. The place is larger then life.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

BEst of Detroit part 4

If you like going to plays one of my favorite places to see a play is at Wayne states own historic Bonstell Theater located on Woodward just north of the fox. It was built in the 1859 and is one the oldest theaters in Detroit. The crew that works there puts on some fabulous shows and are never disappointing and I always make it one of my top things to do is go to the opening of every show. It was in its time bigger then any Broadway play houses that hosted many big names. Many say that the theater is haunted which ads to the drama in front of you, you never know what might happen. A good reminder of what Detroit once was.


The Best place for desert in Detroit/ metro is in Greek town and it is called Astora's pastries and their Conollies as well as my two favorites are rumballs I don't know if is all the rum or just the mixture of chocolate soaked in rum with sprinkles but one is all you will need because they are so rich that it is intoxicating. The silk chocolate mousse is great and. It is a great complement to a great dinner in Greek town and they are open late so if you get the craving a late night you can go and enjoy in there large selection of goodies and should nots. It is a must try.